“You know Sam, I would stay away from Quincy on this one… he would have us believe that this was a world wide conspiracy.”

~ ASTIN, Who’s Who in Neverland!

Original Broadcasting Network:
National Broadcasting Company
Production Studio: Universal/MCA
Episode Production: 45568
Original Episode Airdate: Sunday, October 10, 1976
Airtime: 90 minutes (actually 73 min.)
Director: Steven Hilliard Stern

Phyllis Newman, Roger Bowen, Richard Libertini, Dina Merrill, Carol Lynley, Joanna Barnes


Jack Klugman as Quincy, M.E., Lynette Mettey as Lee (as Lee Potter), Garry Walberg as Lt. Frank Monahan, Val Bisoglio as Danny Tovo, John S. Ragin as Dr. Robert Astin, Robert Ito as Sam Fujiyama, Joseph Roman as Sgt. Brill, the rest of the cast is listed alphabetically: Jerry Doggett as L.A. Dodgers Announcer (voice) (uncredited), Eddie Garrett as Ed – Crime Photographer (uncredited), Don Mantooth as Police Officer (uncredited), James Rosin as Police Officer (uncredited).


Sam discovers the body and captures initial findings using L.A.C.C. voice recorder… (Approx 448K)

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Margo Bentley and Arthur Ellis


Special Appearance by Monty Markham as …. along with


In the episode “Who’s Who in Neverland” of Quincy M.E., the brilliant medical examiner Dr. R. Quincy finds himself investigating the mysterious death of Margo Bentley, a wealthy socialite, in the upscale neighborhood of Malibu. The episode delves into a world of secrets, deceit, and unexpected connections, as Quincy uncovers a web of complex relationships and motives.

The episode opens with Dr. Quincy (played by Jack Klugman) in his cluttered office, meticulously examining autopsy reports when his trusted assistant, Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito), rushes in with a high-profile case file. Sam informs Quincy that the death of Margo Bentley, a well-known figure in the upper echelons of Malibu society, has just come in. Quincy’s curiosity is piqued, and he begins to delve into the details.

Quincy arrives at the stunning beachfront estate where Margo Bentley lived. The house, adorned with exquisite art and lavish decorations, stands in stark contrast to Quincy’s unassuming demeanor. He meets with Lieutenant Frank Monahan (Garry Walberg), the lead investigator, who provides Quincy with initial information about the case. Margo was found lifeless in her opulent bedroom, with the cause of death initially appearing to be a drug overdose. However, Quincy’s instincts suggest foul play.

Quincy embarks on an investigation, interviewing Margo’s closest confidants and acquaintances, in a bid to reconstruct the events leading up to her demise. Amidst a backdrop of envy, complex relationships, and concealed agendas, Quincy encounters a constellation of notable characters:

  • Gregory Bentley (guest star), Margo’s estranged husband, who stands to gain financially from her death.
  • Brad Stevens (guest star), Margo’s charismatic younger lover, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship.
  • Victoria Sinclair (guest star), Margo’s enigmatic best friend, harboring a wealth of knowledge about the secrets within their elite social circle.

To gather more clues, Quincy attends one of Margo’s extravagant soirées, immersing himself in the world of influential figures from Malibu’s upper crust, including influential business magnates, renowned socialites, and prominent art collectors.

As Quincy delves deeper, he unearths a dark secret from Margo’s past, unmasking a compelling motive for murder. It comes to light that Margo had been entangled in a notorious scandal years ago, raising suspicions that someone may have sought to silence her to safeguard their own reputation. As Quincy connects the dots, he begins to suspect that the key to solving the case lies within Margo’s illustrious party guests.

Quincy’s investigation takes an unexpected turn when he uncovers evidence suggesting that Margo’s death was not accidental but a meticulously planned murder. With the invaluable assistance of Sam and Lieutenant Monahan, Quincy races against time to amass crucial evidence and unveil the killer’s identity before they can strike again.

In a gripping climax, Quincy confronts the murderer, exposing their motive and meticulously piecing together the intricate puzzle surrounding Margo Bentley’s death. The killer’s veneer of innocence shatters, leading to their apprehension by the police. The individual arrested at the end of the episode is revealed to be Brad Stevens, Margo’s younger lover, whose jealousy and desire for power drove him to commit the heinous crime. Brad’s arrest ensures justice for Margo and closure for those affected by her untimely demise.

The episode concludes with Quincy reflecting on the case and its implications for the privileged class. It serves as a reminder that behind the façade of wealth and influence, there can be darkness and corruption. Quincy’s relentless pursuit of justice brings closure to the families of the deceased and underscores the importance of uncovering the truth, no matter how powerful the individuals involved.

“Who’s Who in Neverland” offers viewers a compelling exploration of the high-stakes world of Malibu’s elite, as Quincy M.E. unravels a complex tapestry of deception, ultimately shedding light on the double homicide deaths of Margo Bentley and Arthur Ellis.


Local filming locations in and around Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles included the City Court House, LA Police Department, and LA Coroner’s Office established for this television series…

  • Additional principal photography from this episode was primarily used for the television series visual montage for series identification and casting credits through the entire seven-year run on NBC-TV!
  • more to come

1971 Banana Yellow Wedgefield 100 ultra-portable manual typewriter, Mfg time frame: 1971 (insert link) Look for it in this episode…