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How many people have offered Quincy a cup of ...

nnnnnLiterally, hundreds… from doctors to housewives to insurance investigators – all generally offer Quince a cup of coffee when he stops by. Frequent review of our hero’s visitations indicates that if Quincy has either something serious to talk about or has something pressing on his mind, he NEVER has a cup of coffee. However, if […]

What coffee maker appears in Dr. Astin’s offi

nnnnnWhy a Mr. Coffee model … , of course! Check out this bit of vintage trivia for more on Mr. Coffee and how it revolutionized coffee brewing in the 1970s. WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, I operate as content creator & editor to The Quincy Examiner – Online Home to the […]

Can either Quincy or Sam ever make a good cup...

nnnnnCareful observation of the earlier episodes reveals that Quincy and Sam used to use a bunsen burner to make and heat their coffee in the lab. But later, the office was able to purchase a coffee maker for a corner in the lab and maintain a coffee kitty for necessary supplies. Watch episode “Ashes to […]

Why is Quincy a big coffee drinker?

nnnnnQuincy is something of a serious coffee drinker. Whether in the lab, during the middle of an important investigation, or helping to work out the specifics of a case in Monahan’s office, there must be something about coffee that makes the blood flow, while increasing the deductive reasoning capacities of this gray-haired scientific sleuth.n WebmasterChief […]