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nnnnnDanny’s is a local restaurant down at the Marina and boatyard, where Quincy spends much of his spare time. Like almost anyone, Quince loves food, drink, and conversation – lots of conversation! Fearing he may get his throat cut by the chef, Quincy might also hint the thing that makes Danny’s good, isn’t just the […]

Quincy’s Boat

nnnnnQuincy’s primary place of residence is the Marina, aboard his 60′ classic. To most folks, this might very well be considered a yacht. But, Quince would be quick to point out, “…when you’re on the county payroll, you call it a boat, not a yacht!” Well, at least, up until the time he marries Dr. […]

Downtown: Los Angeles County Coroner’s Lab

nnnnnAll the cases the Office of Medical Examiners have worked on are done at LACC (short for, Los Angeles County Coroner’s). The LAPD Crime Lab is separate from but assists the Coroner’s department in determining the causes and conditions of death surrounding ongoing homicide investigations. If for any reason, you need to research some evidence […]

What was the name of the site location for Da...

After close inspection of Google mapping, we believe the best guess for exterior Danny’s shots might now in 2020 be the Tony P’s located in Marina Del Rey. nnInterior shots of the restaurant were done on stage at Universal/MCA back lots according to a chief source who was a production gripper at the time. For […]