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What exactly is Quincy M.E.?

nQuincy M.E. (abbreviated from this point on as QME) was a weekly television series appearing on NBC from 1976 – 1983, which pitted Los Angeles Chief Deputy Medical Examiner Quincy (Jack Klugman) against a system of common and uncommon abuses. nnnnHere, he was forced to scientifically document and pull out the punches against social injustices […]

How many other lady friends has Quincy had?

nnnnnHmmm… Let’s see (excluding Helen and Emily) first there was Lee Potter (Lynnette Mettely), next came Lynne (“Promises to Keep”), Jeri McKrakin (“New Blood”), Elizabeth Chesler (“All of Sad Words”), Allison/Mary Latham (“Memories of Allison”), Annie O’Connor (“When Luck Ran Out”), and finally Jeannea Powell (“An Unquiet Grave”).nnnnOkay, so did we leave any out? If […]

What was the cause of his first wife’s death?

nnnnnIn “Promises to Keep,” Helen (Anita Gilette) died from a malignant brain tumor, which surgery was unable to cure. Quincy was at her bedside when his wife died in the hospital.nnnnn WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, I operate as content creator & editor to The Quincy Examiner – Online Home to the […]

How many sixty (60) minute episodes were prod...

nAfter being on hiatus during most of January, February, March, and April of 1977, the series re-surfaced as part of NBC’s regular Friday night hour-long line-up (10 – 11 PM). While the majority of the episodes aired during NBC’s Wednesday night line-up, a total of one-hundred and forty-three (143) 60-minute episodes were produced over the […]

Why doesn’t Quincy ever get married?

nnnnnActually, He does! The Quincy character was married twice, the first time was to Helen (Anita Gilette) and the second was to Dr. Emily Hanover (Anita Gillette). Parts one and two of “Quincy’s Wedding” detail the marriage to Emily, while “Promises to Keep” supplies background on his first.nnnnUpon interviewing Anita Gilette, she confirmed that Jack […]

How many ninety (90) minute episodes were pro...

nDuring the first season run of QME, the series had something of a bumpy road on NBC in 1976 as part of the wheel, QME premiered as part of the ninety-minute NBC Sunday Mystery Movie. It shared that time slot (9:30-11 PM) with the likes of Columbo, McCloud, McMillian (and Wife), and Lanigan’s Rabbi. nnnnTherefore, […]