Quincy Examiner – Circa 1999

This past October 3rd represented the 20th Anniversary of the premiere of Quincy M.E. and to celebrate much of what Quincy M. E. represents, this fan-based non-profit site was created. As with many new homes, “this house has been built, but there’s little furniture in it yet!” In response, all we can say is “The movers are coming!” And rather than hanging the overused construction sign in every corner, we decided to let the web browser(s) investigate for themselves and stop back now and again as everything quietly comes on-line.

In case some of you might be wondering…. “Why The Quincy Examiner? It sounds like the name of a newspaper!” That’s the idea! Although, the world of public opinion is certainly not the only authority on the events influencing our daily lives, it carries substantial weight and cannot be excluded from the equation. To the cynical viewer, this may seem over-idealistic at first, but remember Quincy M. E. ran on television from 1976 through 1983, in an age when advertisers and corporate media buyers were promoting Image (based) Advertising. While this early 1970’s marketing strategy was largely based on promoting the corporate image (with the intention of increasing profits), it also illustrated that business could champion notable causes which often deserved more attention than they received. It makes one wonder… Where are today’s corporate philanthropists and men of social consciousness?

Quincy Examiner Website – Circa 2012

During the coming months, the content of this site will hopefully continue to grow. This is partly the result of submissions and interesting tidbits related to the show’s production and partly the result of anticipated feedback on various segue and topics of interest that call for greater social responsibility. These societal overtones made up much of the subject matter from episode to episode during the show’s seven (7) year run on NBC and supplied viewers with real life storylines without today’s “blood and guts” visuals. Television critics might be quick to respond, “How realistic can a 70’s show be, where not a drop of blood falls on Sam’s or Quincy’s smock?” But fans could simply respond in kind by asking, “What could be more realistic than a morgue where the coroner has to do his job and manage to stamp out crime and corruption in the process?”

Quincy represents a style of good television drama writing which has sadly fallen by the wayside, amid an assortment of specialized channels. That’s why this site has been designed as something of a haven for the Quincy fanatic. Mainly, we’re here to have some fun, but as I’m sure Quincy would agree, that shouldn’t prevent us from using this medium as a springboard to discuss and comment on the world and events affecting our lives, society, and world. So stay tuned! The crime drama show of the mid 70’s and early 80’s, that’s been admired by some and detested by others, is about to make a nostalgic on-line presence.

So here’s to Quincy! May this cantankerous coroner’s no nonsense enthusiasm for “getting to the bottom of things” and asking why, why, why, be contagious enough to make us all think more and question more, rather than accepting the status quo…

The Quincy Examiner webmaster
October 3, 1996 and subsequently October 3, 2020

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