Quincy, Chief Deputy L.A. Medical Examiner – It has been stated in many television publications that Jack Klugman’s portrayal of the mischievous protagonist is far from perfect. This may be true but as fans are quick to note, Quincy represents the driving force to solving crimes with scientific fact, not blind faith!

Sam Fujiyama, Lab Assistant -“Lab, Fujiyama here…” is typically what we hear when the phone rings. It’s also where we find our friendly right-hand lab assistant, Sam. Sam represents “Robin” in this DNA duo* crime drama. While sometimes quick to anticipate Quincy’s next move, he has been noted to take sides with his and Quincy’s boss, Astin, in matters of diplomacy.

Lt. Frank Monahan & Sgt. Brill, LAPD Liaisons – Monahan & Brill are usually the first on the scene of a homicide. It’s usually their lead work that makes Quincy’s job a little easier. As a matter of fact, if Monahan and Quincy weren’t good friends, they’d be at each other’s throats. Monahan’s only gripe is that Quincy should stay with medicine rather than detective work. I think he’s just jealous though.

Marc, Assistant Medical Examiner – Marc is responsible for assisting the Chief and Deputy Medical Examiners during autopsy examinations within the LA forensic lab. While his role became more prominent after Sam’s objectivity on the job came under public scrutiny at trial, he was one of the few brought on board L.A.C.C. for his dedication and degree of expertise in the field of forensic science.

Dr. Robert J. Astin, Director of Operations – AstIn is Quincy and Sam’s boss and has the claim to fame for being adversarial with Quincy. But a close examination of Astin’s character during the series provides an alternate viewpoint – one of compassion and admiration toward his best deputy L.A. coroner. Continually, Astin has to walk two very different and difficult paths at the same time, that of an administrator first and a doctor second.

Eddie Garrett, L.A.C.C. Crime Scene Photographer – Eddie has the difficult task of trying to capture the essence of a crime scene before Quincy conducts an autopsy to determine the victim’s cause of death. He photographs all investigations and while each still may not seem particularly critical during an ongoing investigation, these “snapshots in time” offer a glimpse of post-mortem evidence used to support the chief medical officer’s findings.

Danny Tovo, Restaurant Owner – Running a restaurant and bar is no easy matter, and if you’re Danny Tovo, that makes it doubly difficult. Danny is a good friend. He tries to maintain a respectable law-abiding clientele, but with Quincy’s small boat, Danny’s has become Quincy’s second home away from the lab. Poor Danny! If only Quincy was a little more responsible about who he invited to the restaurant.

Dr. Emily Hanover, Psychologist – Sometimes trying to pin down scientific fact and logical reasoning isn’t always possible in cases of determining criminal intent. Dr. Emily Hanover has become something of a guiding light to Quincy and the rest of the gang in cases that involve trying to understand the workings of the human psyche.

Lee Potter, Flight Attendant – Lee is probably the best definition of kind and understandable but seeks a relationship that is based on honesty and “no fuss”. Early on in their comings and goings, both Quince and Lee made it clear that there should be no regrets. While Quincy is always thinking of work, he needs someone who understands how committed he is to his work. Lee just wants Quincy to learn to relax and take the time to smell the flowers and appreciate all that life has to offer – a hard request for someone who works with dead bodies all day!

John (Nolan), Bartender – Jokingly, John is often one-half relationship counselor and one-half after-hours worker confident having to serve coffee to a weeknight Quincy who uses Danny’s bar as a millennial office rather than hanging out alone at his boat.. too bad drinking beer is not allowed on the job. Fun fact to know and share – If you see John in another series, it is because he has pulled double duty as Bartender on “Quincy” and “Fantasy Island” TV series during the early 80s.

Peter (Virgo, Jr.), LACC Officer – Pete does what he can in the lab to help out the world-famous deputy coroner Quincy But no one ever knows if this extra bit of case-solving sleuthing the likes of Quince and others will approve. Pete also appears in the episode “Vigil of Fear” in a later episode of QME as Tony Renner, head of a street vigilante group tired of being indirectly affected by a lack of police presence to prevent crime and help with community watch efforts.

Diane (Markoff), Waitress – Di has on more than one occasion been privy to hearing what members of the police and coroner’s office are working on. While she probably should be sworn to secrecy, I think she might know more about the next case than members of Astin’s team or the office caseload.