Lt. Frank Monahan & Sgt. Brill, LAPD Liaisons – Monahan & Brill are usually the first on the scene of a homicide. It’s usually their lead work that makes Quincy’s job a little easier. As a matter of fact, if Monahan and Quincy weren’t good friends, they’d be at each others throats. Monahan’s only gripe is that Quincy should stay with medicine rather than detective work. I think he’s just jealous though.


Danny Tovo, Restaurant Owner – Running a restaurant and bar is no easy matter and if you’re Danny Tovo, that makes it doubly difficult. Danny is a good friend. He tries to maintain a respectable law-abiding clientele, but with Quincy’s small boat, Danny’s has become Quincy’s second home away from the lab. Poor Danny! If only Quincy was a little more responsible about who he invited to the restaurant.