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  • Odd Couple On Ice – A priceless June 3, 1997 transcript between Jack and Tony Randall on their Odd Couple legacy.
BIG “Q” RELATED WEB LINKS – Trying to find out who’s who among hit prime-time tv shows? Why not check into the database and locate vital stats for your favorite movie star! Direct Link: Jack Klugman TVGuide RetroTV QME Snapshot – A nicely-organized dissection of one of TV most beloved 70s medical/crime drama series.

TVGuide Online Postcard – Anyone care to send a QME postcard to a near and dear friend? – In September of 1997, Requestline On-line completed one of the most popular and extensive zines to date on the QME episode “Next Stop, Nowhere.” This gen-X style issue catches up with the punk rock characters from that installment and includes a recent interview with the Big Q himself, Jack Klugman! Direct Link: Sept ’97 Issue

Quincy Vs. Columbo Superstar Monkey Duel – Even better than an MTV Celebrity Deathmatch, this downloadable PC game makes up for the lack of a great QME/Columbo team-up on prime-time TV. Download Here (1736K zip file)

Odd Couple Homepage – Modest may not be the word for this nicely-done, image-filled site. Lots of great photos, FAQ, and episode guide covering everything JK prior to QME.

Information Please – An information-based archive provides a detailed synopsis and perspective on one of Jack’s latest 1997 Broadway productions – The Sunshine Boys. Direct link: The Sunshine Boys

WWWF Grudge Match – A comical spoof “supposedly” depicting some of Hollywood’s worst (Ha! – Whoever figured Quincy, McCoy, and Kirk would share nominations!) Feel Free to show your support *for* Jack, by voting for him as one of Hollywood’s GREATEST, not worst. Let’s turn Mr. Klugman’s “name to fame” all around!
The setting: Academy Awards

Big “Q” Alternative Ep Guide – Another comical interpretation of the series