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Are all episodes shown in their entirety?

nnnnnNo. The original 90-minute episodes which made up the NBC Sunday Night Mystery series (first season) have been time-compressed, and currently air as 60-minute equivalents. Since the pilot and three (3) subsequent 90-minute episodes provide the cornerstone on most of the background and setting to the series, some unanswered questions are bound to arise. Fortunately, […]

Where can I view the QME show currently?

nThere are a few websites now that provide syndication television show status. I believe that NBCUniversal how has a retro channel which last broadcast the series during the 2019-2020 TV season. nnnnTo find out more information, check this internet search result periodically:nnnnSearch result –> Quincy M.E. n WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, […]

What do you do when you’ve missed an episode?

nnnnnLooking for an episode you’ve missed, post the request to either or, to see if someone else has already taped the ep or could tape it for you when it is re-broadcast on the A& E Cable Television Network. If neither of these choices is an option, you can access and post newsgroup […]