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What exactly is Quincy M.E.?

nQuincy M.E. (abbreviated from this point on as QME) was a weekly television series appearing on NBC from 1976 – 1983, which pitted Los Angeles Chief Deputy Medical Examiner Quincy (Jack Klugman) against a system of common and uncommon abuses. nnnnHere, he was forced to scientifically document and pull out the punches against social injustices […]

Just who is Quincy?

nQuincy, the protagonist for which the series is named, is a coroner or medical examiner (abbreviated M.E. for short). As Chief Deputy Coroner for Los Angeles County, Quincy’s job is to determine the time and cause of death (COD) associated with the deceased found or recovered from a crime scene. Additionally, it becomes the Office […]

Quincy M.D. or Quincy M.E.: Why do folks conf...

nEver wonder why TV shows like Quincy M.E., Trapper John, M.D., Doogie Houser, M.D. and Marcus Welby, M.D. have some sort of hang-up about initials after their name? The funny thing is that it’s not just that way with medical late night dramas; even Tom Selleck landed a whopper of a hit with his Magnum, […]

Who is credited with creating the series?

nWhile both Glen Larson and Lou Shaw hold joint on-screen credit with creating the show, Mr. Larson has held executive producer, creator, and writer positions for many other shows. Larson represents the driving force behind numerous television hits like Knight Rider, Magnum, P.I., Battlestar Galactica, P.S., I Luv You, and One West Waikiki. nnnnNot surprisingly, […]

How long did the series run on network televi...

nQME fall premiered at 9:30-11:00 PM EST on Sunday, October 3, 1976. The NBC Television series ran for seven seasons on network television before being canceled in September of 1983.nnnnnnnnn WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, I operate as content creator & editor to The Quincy Examiner – Online Home to the godfather […]

How many ninety (90) minute episodes were pro...

nDuring the first season run of QME, the series had something of a bumpy road on NBC in 1976 as part of the wheel, QME premiered as part of the ninety-minute NBC Sunday Mystery Movie. It shared that time slot (9:30-11 PM) with the likes of Columbo, McCloud, McMillian (and Wife), and Lanigan’s Rabbi. nnnnTherefore, […]