nnnnnCareful observation of the earlier episodes reveals that Quincy and Sam used to use a bunsen burner to make and heat their coffee in the lab. But later, the office was able to purchase a coffee maker for a corner in the lab and maintain a coffee kitty for necessary supplies. Watch episode “Ashes to Ashes” or “Last Six Hours” to see what I mean. However, during cutbacks in the episode “For The Benefit of My Patients,” Asten seems to put something of a damper on the coffee kitty when he admits that cutback in departmental expenditures, means that lab workers would have to travel two flights of stairs and spend $0.70 for a cup of coffee… But somehow even after the “Mr. Coffee” coffee machine was taken away in later episodes, it magically reappeared. Explanations are left unsaid and a lack of answers abound! How could this be?n

Category: Coffee, Anyone?