nnnnnQuincy’s first initial is “R.” However, you won’t even hear Jack Klugman addressed as anything else but Dr. Quincy or Quince throughout the series. That’s because there was NEVER a first name Officially given (on camera) to the “tough-as-nails” pathologist! Instead, the only evidence of a first name is in a particular episode entitled, “Accomplice to Murder,” where he hands his business card to battered housewife, Bonnie DeMarco while visiting her at work. Therefore as far as audiences are concerned, his first name could be almost anything that begins with “R.” Take your pick, “Robert,” “Richard,” “Raymond,” no one knows for sure.nnnnInside sources do indicate though that Quincy had a first name! During an early 1980s LA radio interview, Executive producer Peter Thompson was asked what Quince’s first name was after the “Accomplice to Murder” episode had just aired. After turning to one of his writers (whose first named was Robert) his response to the interviewer – Robert, of course! (smile)n