nnnnnBefore 2012 and at the time this FAQ was first created, fans could previously send letters and postcards to Mr. Klugman by addressing mail to:nnnnMr. Jack Klugman 22548 Pacific Coast Highway Malibu, California 90265nnnnPresently, we are unsure if his immediate or extended family still currently responds to fan mail requests and information on Jack. nnnnWe all miss him dearly. Fond farewell JK!nnnnThis prior home location now appears at https://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/jack-klugmans-house/ for those watching the real estate market for such famous residences.nnnn

Jack’s prior estate Temecula Ranch in 2014 auction up for sale in 2017 once more!

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Jack Klugman’s 40-acre Rare Wine Country Estate Goes to Auction. (PRNewsFoto/Premiere Estates Auction Company)
nnnnThe house went for auction in 2014 for $3 million and appears to have been resold for a bit more in 2017. nnnnThe original auction was provided by Premiere Estates Auction company. Click here to view an archived link to the details of that property sale. Pictures may not load to view simply, if so click here.nnnnIt has been resold at least twice with the latest renovations and updates available for virtual viewing through this link. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/35438-DE-Portola-Rd_Temecula_CA_92592_M18764-22856nnnnDetail on the original and secondary sale are below:nnnnnnnnn
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