nnnnnFormer Chief Medical Examiner of LA County, Thomas Noguchi, MD, (probably qualifying as LA’s real-life Quincy) wrote two books on the topics and various issues the series examined in its weekly homicide investigations. Entitled Coroner and Coroner at Large, they present the topic of forensic pathology from a true-life perspective. Meanwhile, free-lance author Jon Zonderman offers another point of view in his book entitled, Beyond the Crime Lab: The New Science of Investigation. This small hardcover provides a forward by Henry C. Lee, Ph.D., Chief Criminalist/Director of Connecticut’s State Police Forensic Science Laboratory, and recent witness for the O.J. Simpson Trial. You will also find all sorts of Forensic Pathology related links on the web, some of the most noted directly accessible through the Q Trivia section of The Quincy Examiner as well.n

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