nnnnnThe infamous “punk rock episode” is classic early 79/80 typecasting at its best. At least, that’s the view shared by many over at Usenet’s alt.punk newsgroup! “Next Stop, Nowhere” depicts the negative consequences of “violent” music, peer pressure, drugs, and adolescence had exemplified by many post-baby boom teens who grew up with a steady diet of “Breakfast Club” type movies, “Sex Pistols,” “Adam Ant,” and “Billy Idol” music, “PAC-MAN” arcade games, as well as an increasingly high divorced rate among working middle-class parents.While “Generation X” is now in their late 20s and early 30s, many get quite a kick out of this and another early 80s series (CHiPs) take on what it meant to be a “punk rocker.”nnnnBy the way, the rock group band appearing in this episode is called Mayhem and was starred by typical actors not an actual rock band at the time. n

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