nnnnnUnfortunately, there are no other database or FTP related archives dedicated to the QME show. However, fans can link to the Quincy Examiner’s Friends of Quincy links page (http://www.inquire.net/quincy/friends.html) to surf other QME fan webpages.n

nnnnnExtra(s), Extra(s)… Read all about them! Hollywood is full of actors and actresses looking for their first break in front of the camera. Without these folks, there would be little for our protagonist to do or say. Ever wonder who that character is that keeps re-appearing in this episode or that one, well you can put your guessing aside. Visit Quincy Examiner’s Limelight Directory of the 70s & 80s Extras http://www.inquire.net/quincy/limelight.html) to locate your favorite small-screen extras who appeared on the QME series over the years.n

nnnnnYes, your one-stop authority on the QME series is right here – The Quincy Examiner! Located at URL (http://www.quincyexaminer.com), the Examiner frequently changes and updates the latest on the show’s details and production information, as well as encouraging open discussion on the content and subject matter of many of the daily episodes.n

nnnnnPortions of the episode guide will be released at the original fan website for the series, The Quincy Examiner (http://www.quincyexaminer.com), starting on or before February 1997.A fan-based creation, the guide covers the entire production series (1976-1983), and is NOT available for purchase at the present time. nnnnIn addition, an episode checklist is EXCLUSIVELY available at The Quincy Examiner for fans and video collectors who are trying to build their own video library on the series. It can be found at the site by pointing your web browser to: http://www.inquire.net/quincy/checklst.html.nnnnKeep checking the site for the latest updates and special features being added.n


nnnnIn addition, no fan-fiction based on the series exists either. However, with the advent of network syndication and cable tv networks, like A& E, interest in the 70s and 80s based crime-drama series continues to find a new generation of audiences.n

nnnnnOther than the occasional magazine article, very little if any, exists about the QME series.n

nnnnnNo. The original 90-minute episodes which made up the NBC Sunday Night Mystery series (first season) have been time-compressed, and currently air as 60-minute equivalents. Since the pilot and three (3) subsequent 90-minute episodes provide the cornerstone on most of the background and setting to the series, some unanswered questions are bound to arise. Fortunately, most of the pertain information tied to Quincy and Monahan’s investigations have somehow managed to survive.n

nThere are a few websites now that provide syndication television show status. I believe that NBCUniversal how has a retro channel which last broadcast the series during the 2019-2020 TV season. nnnnTo find out more information, check this internet search result periodically:nnnnSearch result –> Quincy M.E. n

nnnnnLooking for an episode you’ve missed, post the request to either alt.tv.quincy-me or alt.video.tape-trading, to see if someone else has already taped the ep or could tape it for you when it is re-broadcast on the A& E Cable Television Network. If neither of these choices is an option, you can access and post newsgroup requests via the web at the DejaNews Website as well.n