Quincy M.E. (referred to as QME from now on) aired as a weekly television series on NBC from 1976 to 1983.

The show revolved around Los Angeles Chief Deputy Medical Examiner, Quincy, portrayed by actor Jack Klugman. He consistently found himself in opposition to a range of both common and uncommon abuses within the system. In this role, Quincy was compelled to meticulously record and vehemently combat instances of social injustice and the bureaucratic red tape that typically accompanied them.

His challenges spanned a variety of scenarios, from exposing unethical pharmaceutical companies that supplied dangerous over-the-counter medications to unlicensed “pill shops,” to dealing with foreign diplomats who encountered chemically-empowered assassins during their visits to the greater Los Angeles area.

Throughout the series, Quincy confronted a greater number of charlatans, antagonists, and mobsters than any other committed pathologist, showcasing his unyielding dedication to seeking the truth and justice.

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