Just when you thought “Quincy M.E.” (QME) syndication was dead in the water for the summer, It would appear that a newer, expanded target market might help the long-time Jack Klugman series find new life.

The popular television series Quincy M.E. is entering an exciting new chapter in its syndication journey as it moves to GETTV, a prominent player in the syndication market. This move breathes fresh life into the long-standing Jack Klugman series, offering expanded opportunities to engage a wider audience in 2023.

Quincy’s Syndication History:
In 2016, “Quincy” replaced the syndicated show “Little House on the Prairie” on Cozi TV, joining the ranks of other beloved syndicated favorites like “Hart to Hart,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “The Nanny,” and “MacMillan and Wife.” Although there were subsequent changes, with Quincy briefly disappearing from the Cozi TV lineup, it later resurfaced as part of NBC Universal’s streaming channel syndication under COZI TV’s “Columbo & Company” lineup, ensuring viewers continued access to the show’s compelling crime-drama storytelling.

The Promise of GETTV:
Now, Quincy is set to make a splash on GETTV, marking an exciting transition for the series. GETTV, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, is recognized for airing popular dramas like “Magnum, P.I.,” “The Rockford Files,” “Hunter,” and “Kojak.” This strategic move to GETTV opens doors to an expanded target market and wider reach, enabling Quincy to captivate audiences across the United States more effectively.

Expanded Coverage and Reach:
GETTV’s nationwide coverage of 81% across the United States presents a notable advantage compared to Cozi TV’s 62% broadcast area coverage. While Cozi TV has cultivated a dedicated following with its headquarters in New York City, Quincy’s shift to GETTV, headquartered in Culver City, California, provides access to a broader range of media options for fans. With this increased coverage and reach, the series can now explore diverse avenues, including online streaming and on-demand platforms, attracting a diverse audience of dedicated fans and introducing a new generation to its exceptional TV writing.

Navigating the current Hollywood Writers’ Strike:
Quincy’s move to GETTV is especially significant given the recent Hollywood writers’ strike of 2023. Despite the disruptions caused by the strike, GETTV’s decision to syndicate Quincy injects renewed energy into the series. By offering a platform for Quincy’s remarkable seven-season, 148-episode run, GETTV ensures the continued presence of the show and offers younger audiences a valuable opportunity to witness the impact of exceptional TV writing on gripping crime-drama storytelling.

The syndication move of “Quincy M.E.” to GETTV marks an exciting new phase for the beloved series. With expanded reach and national coverage, Quincy has the potential to engage a wider audience, leveraging GETTV’s platform and diverse media options. This transition not only ensures the longevity of the show but also highlights the lasting impact of Quincy’s remarkable storytelling. Whether longtime fans or newcomers, viewers from all backgrounds will now have the opportunity to experience this captivating crime-drama series, solidifying Quincy’s place in television history.

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