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A&E Cable Network Resources

nnnnnA& E Online A& E Monthly magazinennnnAdditionally, if you are happy viewing the QME series on the A& E Cable Network, use our E-mail interface to let them know that their decision to support wholesome quality crime-drama is greatly appreciated. Currently assigned a TV-G rating, it is important that viewers voice their support because […]

TV Guide Website (I-Guide)

nnnnnTV Guide On-Line http://www.tvguide.comAt one time, TV Guide used to keep an on-line television listing of upcoming episodes, however since many web users are from surfing from all over, the time listing may or may not be accurate when linking to the site.n WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, I operate as […]

Regional Sources

nIf you know of additional television stations in your area which broadcast QME, send a message back to the Virtual M.E. ( indicating where so others in your area can enjoy the series as well!n WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, I operate as content creator & editor to The Quincy Examiner – […]

Is any other merchandise available?

nnnnnOther than small appearances in entertainment and TV magazines, very little merchandise related to the QME series exists. Photographs and other promotional material have rarily turned up in nostalgic print shops. During the seven years in production, Universal released only limited amounts of promo material on the series. From what I’ve seen of partial press […]

Where can one find the theme song on-line?

nnnnnTVT Records http://www.tvtrecords.comnnnnIf you are looking for a FREE downloadable copy of the opening theme, point your web browsers to TVT Records ( You may need to register with the website first to gain a password, but once they e-mail back to you, you will have the ability to download any of a whole host […]