Everything you wanted to know about the 60′ Classic Schooner…

Whatever Happened to Quincy’s Boat? Where is it Today? Everything You Wanted to Know about the Big Q’s 60′ Classic Schooner

Credit: Latitude 38

Welcome, fans of “Quincy, M.E.,” to a fascinating journey into the history of one of the show’s iconic props – the 60-foot classic schooner most recently known as Volunteer. As devotees of the TV series, you likely remember Jack Klugman’s character, Dr. Quincy, but have you ever wondered about the fate of the beautiful schooner that graced the show? Join us as we dive into the intriguing story of the Big Q’s sailboat.

A Star on the Screen and in the Sea

Throughout the seven-year initial run of “Quincy, M.E.” from 1976 to 1983, the yacht, named “Fiji” on the series, played a significant supporting role as Quincy’s boat. Moored at Marina del Rey in Los Angeles, this stunning vessel added an extra layer of depth to Quincy’s character, reflecting his passion for the sea, his prior naval background, and his more than occasional need for solace away from his demanding job.

The Ghost Ship’s Resurrection

One of the most astonishing chapters in the vessel’s history emerged in the early 2000s. An article in Latitude 38 magazine from 2005 provided an in-depth look at the storied past of this schooner. Since this ship was originally built in 1935 and called Zoe H, it had a rich history of participating in four TransPacs and even serving as a Coastal Patrol boat during World War II. In the ’70s, the then Zoe H, faced a dramatic turn of events when her then-owner ran the boat aground in El Salvador during a planned around-the-world cruise. Thought to be lost for years, the boat eventually resurfaced, and was salvaged by a local official who repaired and renamed 2/4 her – Tradicion. Years later, a dedicated fan of the ship and enthusiast confirmed her identity and undertook the challenging process of acquiring her – later renaming her yet again as – Volunteer.

Once the boat changed hands again over to Ken, he had kept the renamed schooner, Volunteer, docked at Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, CA. He purchased the boat some time before 2005, although the exact year remains unknown. Approximately 12 years ago, Ken relocated to Oregon and decided to sell the vessel due to the distance between his new residence and where the schooner was docked. Details regarding the subsequent owner and the current status of the vessel appear to be unknown at this time. Additional photos and inquiries are being made at this time but until sources get back to us, we just don’t know. 

Hollywood Stardom and Beyond

Upon her return to Marina Del Rey, the docked vessel caught the eye of a scout from Universal Studios. This encounter led to the schooner becoming a central prop in the TV series “Quincy, M.E.” of a seven-year run. As Dr. Quincy’s sanctuary and mode of transportation, the ship and show prop, became a symbol of the character’s multifaceted life. So, as we remember the iconic moments of “Quincy, M.E.,” let’s also take a moment to reflect on the vessel that accompanied Dr. Quincy on his journey through seven TV seasons – the 60-foot classic schooner was then used for Glen Larson & Lou Shaw’s TV show, as we have come to know it today.

Continued Adventures and Listings

Credit: NBC/Universal

In the years following the TV series, Volunteer’s journey took her through various stages. She graced the pages of Latitude 38 magazine multiple times, including classified ads in 2012, 2014, and 2017. These listings showcased the schooner’s ongoing story and hinted at her availability for new adventures.

A Legacy Preserved

While Volunteer’s role in “Quincy, M.E.” may have been a highlight, her legacy extends far beyond the small screen. The schooner’s rich history, from TransPac races to wartime service, remains an integral part of her character. As she changed hands and experienced restorations, Volunteer’s story continued to evolve.
For fans of “Quincy, M.E.,” the enigmatic schooner Volunteer (known as Fiji) holds a special place in the show’s history. From her appearances on screen to her unique journey in reality, she symbolizes the blend of adventure and intrigue that the series embodied. While the whereabouts of the schooner today remain a mystery, her story continues to captivate those who were touched by her presence.


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