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Repost: Jack and Tony were Online! Did you mi...

In case you might have missed Nick-At-Nite’s “Odd Couple On Ice” Marathon this past summer, here’s the transcript from the June 3, 1997 America Online Chat with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall! WebmasterChief online influencer of all things Quincy. Currently, I operate as content creator & editor to The Quincy Examiner – Online Home to […]

Repost: Mustache helped Ragin get ‘Quincy’

By Steve Hoffman Enquirer TV-Radio Editor Enquirer TV Magazine, Vol. ??: Issue:?, pg. 3, 8, Week of April 8-14, 1979The Cincinnati Enquirer On the Cover: John S. Ragin, who plays Jack Klugman’s boss, Dr. Robert Astin, in “Quincy,” has been keeping good company during his acting career. At Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, he studied drama with […]

Repost: Among Forensic Pathologists, Quincy’s

By Marvin Grosswirth Science Digest, Vol. 88: pg. 64-67, Sept. 29, 1980 A rape victim is brought in to the emergency room of a mid-west hospital. A nurse notices that among the victim’s injuries are bite marks. The nurse demands that a photographer record the marks and later, when the rapist is apprehended, those bite […]

Repost: Operating on Economics

By Daniel Seligman Fortune, Vol. 10: pg. 42, June 2, 1980 Medical economics was never one of the subjects at which the American people excelled, and we have this uneasy feeling that the tutoring they have lately been getting on Quincy will leave them even more added. Quincy, for those of you who forgo prime-time […]