St. Louis television fans in October of 1976 might have had a bit of a loss if they were looking for anything based on the gritty crime dramas we have today. While there might have been only a few television channels to focus in on, noteworthy

McCloud was already part of the mystery series that aired as part of the NBC Mystery wheel along with the likes of Columbo and a few others. However, if we had a time machine to that early crime-fightening coroner era, we would find that there were no series quite like Quincy.

Jack was just coming off of The Odd Couple a year earlier and the St. Louis Post – Dispatch featured Jack on the cover of their Television insert for October 24-30.

While the Quincy premiere occurred on Sunday night earlier in the month of October, a review of this week’s television highlights points to not only Lloyd Bridges in The Lost Flight as the Super Tuesday Movie of the week on KPLR-TV 11 but also Richard Hatch becoming the new inspector on “Streets of San Francisco” along with Ray Vitte starring as a laboratory technician in “Doc” at 7 pm Saturday along with actor Mitchell Ryan (later of Darma and Greg fame) starred along side Wnedy Phillips in a new series entitled Executive Suite” at 9 pm Monday on KMOX-TV.