I just heard during today’s WNBC-TV broadcast of the 94th Thanksgiving Day Parade that all 10 seasons of Columbo and 12 seasons of Murder, She Wrote will be back on the air. In fact, they are already online along with quite a few past NBC small screen comedies available for on-demand streaming in all its glory.

On top of that, the television comedy series Saved by the Bell 2020 has gotten a third lease on life with a new season meeting fan demand requests on and off-line. This has no doubt largely come about with the success of Netflix renewing Fuller House, a spin-off sequel to the mid 80s series Full House – possibly returning for a sixth season (yet awaiting approval as of this writing and a republicworld.com interview with actress Candace Cameron, Nov 11th).

Naturally, this gives most die-hard Quincy fans (pardon the pun) both reason to pause and reflect over this COVID November holiday season just when and if Quincy M. E. will eventually make a syndicated “come back” at Peacock. However, the question shouldn’t be will the show come out at the new NBC/Universal steaming channel, but when.

With many of today’s audiences and TV viewers accepting streaming as commonplace, small screen watchers are less likely to dig out their DVD box set collection and binge watch every episode from start to finish. The appeal of streaming clearly sits well in our age of convince and instant gratification.

And the television streaming market has realised this and seized the opportunity to move away from binge watching for certain prime-time modern series demographics while keeping one hand in its streaming library to give new life to much of Universal’s classic TV drama library.

With many online network/production platforms now offering digital streaming it seems like only a natural for the Quincy franchise to appear in syndication on the Peacock network.

According to NBC/Universal, Peacock already plans to run many syndication series previously found on the likes of Hallmark, A&ETV and Universal TV‘s pre-streaming forerunner, USA Network.

Should we start a Peacock petition for Quincy syndication sooner rather than later? We shall have to wait and see to know for sure!